Breakthrough in Patnagarh Wedding Gift Blast Case


Punjilal Meher – The Mastermind Behind the Blast

On February 23, there was a bomb blast incident in Patnagarh, that claimed the innocent lives of two people. This incident came into light when the wedding gift received by Soumya Sekhar Sahu, exploded taking his life and his grandmother’s life, after seriously injuring the bride Reema Rani. Police arrested five persons as suspect, including Punjilal Meher. However, recently it has been unveiled that the mastermind behind this incident was Punjilal Meher, an English lecturer and a former principal of Jyoti Bikash College.

The main motive of this incident is to get back at Sanjukta Sahu, Principal of Jyoti Bikash College. When she joined there as a principal, Punjilal Meher, who is junior to Sanjukta Sahu, has to step down from the post and he was not happy about it. He harassed her with her friends and finally found a perfect situation to get back at her and used her son’s wedding. He was arrested immediately after they found country-made bombs in his residence. Including Punjilal, his relatives Chandramani Meher and Baibhasuta Bindhani are also considered to be the executors of the plan.